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you are her

If you have landed here, it’s because your are seen.

You are a woman who feels herself, who feels this planet, who feels all of life, who knows who She is, and who is deeply connected to the Feminine Source of Creative Power. You are invited to join a coven of 13 lovingly selected women who love fiercely, source magic from a place of pure intent and create with heARTs of gold.  


our mission

Your prayer is our mission.

You are needed right now and you know it in your bones. It’s time to bring forth your gifts as a voice for the voiceless, for the planet, and for your own wild heart. This iteration of Creatrix has been birthed to help midwife your magic into the world in a whole new way.


The Playground

You know there is something brewing in side of you, waiting to pour forth, and this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Experience powerful accountability and focused attention from your guides on your creative channel, and the finesse with which it flows into the world.

Give yourself the gift of an intentional environment to create in, and also to refine, distill, and cultivate your voice as a magic wand of connection. Allow yourself to be supported, uplifted, and invested in by a commUNITY of allies who crave to live in the world where your heART and soul have the microphone.