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9 Core Themes


Learn how to deliver and express your heART in a powerfully embodied way


Learn how to create and maintain a “Field of Receptivity” with your audience so they can fully receive your medicine


Practice distilling down your message as you bring it into form


Overcome your fears of rejection and stand in your power amidst varied settings and audiences


Discover tools to meet people where they are at


From performing to prayer-forming, from poem to piece.  Revel in an intentionally designated space to turn your inspiration into a potent force of transformational art


Be with the monkey mind in the midst of your magic by giving yourself over to something bigger

Tangible Takeaways


Be able to tap into your channel at will


More confidence and presence on stage and in life


One finished “Soul Piece” ready to deliver to the world


Experience bringing this piece to a curated audience following 2 days of embodiment practices and dropping into the juice of why you are sharing

Signature Teachings

Krista Richards and Jess Magic have a combined 16 years of experience in embodiment, expression, vocal and performance coaching.  Each brings her own unique toolkit of techniques, practices, meditations, methodology, and philosophies on how to tap into flow state, as well as work a room.

Some of the unique things you’ll receive from their shared satchel of wisdom include:

  • How to sing to the one person in the room who really needs it

  • How to embrace who is in the room and give it your all despite circumstances

  • Cleanse the toxicity of comparison - shift from competition consciousness to collaboration consciousness - uplifting the whole

  • Overcome your perfection paralysis… the ongoing saga

  • Learn secret diva hacks to get the best of your voice - full power

  • Connect to your voice, body and breath in a way that unleashes control, power and presence that you didn’t know you had